Hysteroscopy is a procedure, which allows visualization of the inside of the uterus. This procedure can be done in the office or in the operating room depending on the indication. The cervical opening is carefully dilated to allow placement of a skinny telescope-like instrument into the uterine cavity. In order to better see inside the uterus, the walls of the uterus are kept apart by gentle flow of fluid or gas.

The most common reason for this procedure is abnormal uterine bleeding or abnormal appearing uterine lining seen on ultrasound. Several different procedures can be performed at the time of hysteroscopy including removal of polyps, fibroid tumors, scar tissue, hyperplasia (overgrowth of tissue), or septa (dividing walls). Endometrial ablation may also be done with the assistance of the hysteroscope. Also, tubal sterilization i.e. the Adiana or Essure procedures can be done with hysteroscopy.

Recovery from hysteroscopy is usually very quick. Most patients can return to normal activities the following day. Occasionally, patients will experience some cramping and/or vaginal bleeding for a few days to a week afterwards. Usually an NSAID, such as Ibuprofen, is enough for postoperative discomfort.

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