A labiaplasty, also known as labial reduction surgery, is a procedure in which the labia is restructured or re-contoured. This can be done to either the labia minora (inner lips) or labia majora (outer lips) to reduce their size and achieve the look and/or feel that the patient desires. This surgery can be done in the office or as an outpatient in the operating room and takes about an hour to one and a half hours to perform. The doctors at Reno Cosmetic Gynecology use a special hi-tech cutting tool, called the Ellman Surgitron device, which is even more precise than a laser. This helps women recover with less pain and swelling, and ultimately, get back to their usual activities faster.

Typically, women interested in this surgery may have large, asymmetrical, or bothersome labia minora, often protruding beyond the labia majora. Sometimes, the labia majora is large, saggy or displeasing in appearance. Patients may experience pain with intercourse, irritation or rubbing sensation with exercise or activity, unsightly appearance or bulge in tight clothing or bathing suits. Some women may avoid activity or relations because of embarrassment or irritation, recurrent infections, even pain, secondary to the contour or size of the labia. These symptoms can be treated by reducing the size and improving the symmetry of the labia, so they no longer get in the way and they have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

While there are different approaches to doing a labiaplasty, the way we most commonly perform a labiaplasty is by trimming and re-contouring the excess labial skin and then re-approximating the skin edges. This technique allows us to tailor the final appearance to patient preference and usually alleviates the appearance of the dark pigmented areas. Generally, several dissolvable sutures are placed to keep theses skin edges together during the healing process. After this procedure most women can start to get back to work and light activities within a week. Use of ice, ibuprofen and topical creams can be very beneficial to decrease postoperative pain and improve healing and the final results. Postoperatively, it is very important to leave the area alone. This means no touching, stretching, even looking at this area for at least 4 weeks.

Labiaplasty is not usually covered by insurance companies. Our staff is well qualified and would be happy to discuss the costs and financing options with you should you decide on this procedure alone or in combination with other procedures. When possible, having the procedure done in the office may be more cost effective as there is only one charge from our office.


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