Urodynamic Testing


Urodynamic testing is a series of different measurements of bladder function and can be used to determine the cause of a variety of bladder conditions. This test is somewhat uncomfortable but not painful and is performed in the office.

First, you will be asked to completely empty your bladder. Once emptied, a urinary catheter will be inserted into your bladder. The urine volume is measured, called post-void residual, and sent for microscopy and culture to check for infection after which the series of test are conducted.

Next, the nurse will insert a small flexible plastic catheter tube into the opening of your bladder and a second small tube will be inserted into your vagina. These tubes are very sophisticated, micro-measuring devices. Together with a computer monitor, they give the doctor useful information about the function of your bladder, your urethra (the tube that urine passes through when you urinate), and the muscles of your pelvis.

During the test, your bladder will gradually be filled with sterile fluid. As the bladder fills, a special monitor will measure the pressure in your bladder. At this time, you may be asked to cough or bear down. If you have a bladder control problem, you may leak during this test. You should not be worried or embarrassed if this happens, since one purpose of the test is to determine the cause(s) of leakage problems.

Once your bladder is filled, you will be asked to tell the nurse when you (a) feel full or (b) your full enough that you would interrupt your activities to urinate. After your bladder is completely full, a series of measurements will be made. Finally, the nurse will ask you to urinate and additional measurements will be made as you empty your bladder.

This test rarely causes any complications or problems. Less than 5% of women will develop a bladder infection afterwards. Some patients may experience temporary irritation after the examination, resulting in a feeling of burning with urination. This sensation usually only lasts a few hours and goes away without any treatment. If you feel irritated after the procedure is over, your doctor can recommend a medication to help alleviate those symptoms.

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