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Clean Before You Dream!

Typically before we head off to bed, we have a mental checklist to get done. We often take short cuts on that checklist, so we can head off to bed ASAP! One of the short cuts taken all too often...washing our face. If you've been cheating on this step, your skin will most likely suffer.


When we neglect to wash off our makeup & sunscreen before bed, we are allowing all of the dirt, oil and environmental factors, such as pollution and UV exposure, to sink into our pores from the day. This frequently causes clogged pores, which turn in to blackheads and pimples (this is one of the most common cause of breakouts)! If you're someone with problematic skin, you may want to start by taking the time morning and night to cleanse your face to help prevent breakouts.


While you are sleeping, your body is essentially resetting itself, including your skin. Sleeping is a restorative and regenerative time for your skin. When you fail to remove your makeup and sunscreen before bed, you are allowing dead skin cells, dirt and oil, to sit on your skin for a longer period of time, reducing your body's natural shedding ability. You may start to notice a more dull complexion, while fine lines and wrinkles can appear more pronounce with daily makeup and environmental buildup.


Sleeping with makeup on increases your chances of contracting an infection in the eye area. Oil glands and hair follicles around our eyes can become clogged, causing irritation, dry skin, and even styes. Not to mention the dark hue that seems nearly impossible to get rid of from sleeping with mascara! Speaking of mascara...not removing this product, can weaken your natural lash, making them brittle and easily broken. Keeping your lashes clean at night, promotes a healthier natural, long, lush lash line - do yourself a favor, and wash that pretty face!

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