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Resources for Patients

In order to maximize efficiency, please complete your pre-appointment paperwork online with the patient forms wizard, print them out, and bring them to our office for your appointment.

If you prefer, you can simply print out the blank forms, fill them out by hand, and bring them to our office for your appointment.

Returning Patient Forms:

New Patient Forms:

Additional Resources

Prepare for Surgery

Renie Anderson's "Prepare for Surgery Program":

For the majority of our patient's surgeries, we recommend Renie's Prepare for Surgery Course, as part of our "pre-op" preparation. Renie is fully trained and certified by Peggy Huddleston, PhD, author of "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster." The course assists in reducing anxiety, teaching patients about end results and positive imagery. We have found this program to be very effective in helping our patients heal quickly with less pain. Call for an appointment if you are interested in doing this program before any surgery or major life event. 

Renie Anderson; Wellness, Meditation, Life Coach

"My passion in life is to help you uncover your limiting beliefs and fears; the ones that hold you back. It's powerful to recognize thought patterns. Most of them come in the form of worry, fear, and doubt. Once we discover this truth, we develop a healthier relationship with ourselves. As a result, we are kinder, more patient, and less judgemental. We make better choices that support us in ways we've only imagined." >> visit website

Women's Health Elevated

We are a Lifestyle Medicine practice dedicated to helping women of all ages prevent, treat, and reverse chronic diseases through nutrition, lifestyle changes and support for optimal healthy living. This is a supported lifestyle journey. >> visit website

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