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Esthetician Services

CENTERED Medical Aesthetics offers a unique variety of advanced medical technology, esthetician services skin care and sunscreen products, to achieve improved skin rejuvenation, and provide outstanding results for our valued patients.  Our facility encompasses a personal, professional and comfortable atmosphere, where our trained staff guide patients towards choosing the appropriate services and skin care regimes to assist in complementing their natural beauty!

Call (775) 372-9463 to learn more and schedule your appointment or request an appointment below.

Medical Aesthetics Services

Meet Maia Rager -
Esthetician & Skin Professional 

The world of skin care is a crazy one, and I understand that first hand. Struggling with acne for eight years and trying everything under the sun, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands about three years ago. After hours of research I fell head first in love with skin care, my world changing forever. I finally decided to go to school to be an esthetician, and in doing so, cured my acne for good. I decided to dedicate myself and my knowledge to helping people with their skin concerns, as I understand first hand how debilitating and frustrating it can be. That's why I am so excited to join the Centered Medical Aesthetics Team. Their mission is in line with my own, and we are determined as a team to help women look and feel their absolute best! Let me share my knowledge and love for skin with you, and help you find your confidence again, just like I did!


The Facial Bar

YONKA CONSULTATION EXPRESS FACIAL- A treatment in which your skin is assessed by a professional so that you receive your perfect treatment in the future - 30 min

LE GRAND CLASSIQUE - A uniquely customized facial featuring the Yon-Ka deep cleansing care system in 5 phases - 90 min

VITAL DEFENSE - A vital environmental defense facial to detoxify and conquer the effects of free radicals and pollutants - 60 min


HYDRALESSENCE - An ultra-hydrating, refreshing facial to control the effects of extreme moisture loss - 60 min


HYDRASUN - An ultra-hydrating, refreshing facial for pre and post sun, repairing and lasting sun-kissed radiance - 60 min

The Medi-Specifics

SOS TREATMENT - Repairing and regenerating treatment for aggressed, fragile or over-treated skin - 30 min


SENSITIVE - Calming, soothing treatment for sensitized skin or ruddy complexions - 60 min


PURITY TREATMENT - Purifying, balancing treatment for blemished skin, all ages - 60 min


ALPHA-VITAL - radiance, resurfacing and renewing treatment with AHAs - 60 min

Collagenizer NEO

“NEO Perfect Treatment”

60 min - $200

Biologics Inclusion (NEO Vital Exosomes, PRP)


Beneficial for aging/sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, hard skin or dry skin in need of deep moisturizing


“NEO Brilliance Treatment”

60 min - $250

Beneficial for brown spots, uneven tone, blotchy skin, hyper pigmentation and sun damaged skin.


“NEO Vital Hair Restoration Treatment” Regenerative Medicine Treatment (NEO Vital Exosomes, PRP)

30 min -$800

Beneficial for hair loss, bald spots, hair thinning


“NEO Vital Ouchless O-Shot” or “Needleless OShot” “O-Shot” Treatment (NEO Vital Exosomes, PRP)


Beneficial for vaginal tissue, discomfort with sexual intercourse, vaginal lubrication, clitoral sensation, assists with stronger/more frequent orgasms


PRE/POST Laser Treatment Packages

Reviving Skin Before, Healing and Maintaining After Laser Treatments

Treatment Package of 4 - $1000

Treatment Package of 6 -$1500

Facial Pricing

30 min Facial Treatment - $50

60 min Facial Treatment - $160

90 min Facial Treatment - $190


CENTERED Medical Aesthetics strategically chose Yon-Ka Paris & EltaMD skin care lines to carry

in-office, because of their natural & gentle components.  These products come highly recommended for pre & post-procedure care, are made up of quality ingredients, and are sold at a great price pointWe guide our patients to the right product/s to integrate into their daily routine, and to prep their skin for treatment.  Sun care is also an integral part of our daily regime, and assists in protecting us from harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause our skin to age at a more rapid rate!​​


PHYTO-AROMATIC PRODUCTS - The Yon-Ka Brand was created in 1954, and provides your skin with the most precious part of plants: their revitalizing essential oils full of solar energy and complementary active ingredients - vitamins, fruit, acids, polyphenols, and peptides.  The heart of Yon-ka products are the 5 essential oils known as the >>Quintessence<< - lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme.



#1 Dermatologist-Recommend Professional Sunscreen Brand

EltaMD's Sun Care, Skin Care and Aesthetic Care products are formulated for every skin type, lifestyle and condition to protect, renew and heal skin health!


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