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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is obtained from the patient’s own body. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm. The blood is placed in a centrifuge that spins at high speed and separates natural growth factors from concentrated platelets from the rest of the blood components. This concentrated platelet-rich plasma is then applied or injected post-procedure to enhance improvements in the volume, texture, and tone of the various treatment areas.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Q & A

What are the advantages of PRP?

Advantages of using PRP for aesthetic medicine procedures includes tissue regeneration and rejuvenation resulting in increased volume, reduction in acne scarring, stretch marks, scars and unevenly colored skin.   Results are often dramatic. PRP is a form of bio-stimulator that is safe and creates an immediate, long-lasting volumetric effect by increasing collagen production for overall improved, natural looking skin health.  PRP can be used in any skin color, unlike some laser therapies.

Is PRP safe?

PRP is safe because the patient’s own blood is being used, therefore there is no risk of allergic reactions or donor transmissible infections. The natural healing properties of platelets will enhance your body’s response to the procedure performed, resulting in improved overall health of your treated skin.  

What is the treatment procedure?

Platelet-rich plasma is applied post-laser or microneedling treatment to the dermis or can be injected into the tissue. The process is painless if sufficient topical anesthesia is applied. Once PRP is applied to the damaged area, it stimulates the tissue, causing mild inflammation that triggers the healing cascade. As a result, new collagen begins to develop. As this collagen matures, it begins to shrink and tightens and strengthens the skin. Improvement in skin texture and tone is noticeable within 3 weeks. Full collagen regeneration requires 3 months. The PRP treatments can be used on all skin types and tones.  The technique is easy to be performed and has no important side effects.


Is there any downtime with PRP treatments?

Minimal swelling, bruising, and redness for the initial 12 to 24 hours are expected. The platelets work by causing an inflammatory reaction. Swelling from the fluid is what the patient will notice first. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs is not recommended for about 1-2 weeks, so as not to diminish optimal clinical outcomes. During several weeks, the platelets stimulate growth factors, which assists in more collagen stimulation. Treatment results vary but last up to 18 months in most patients. Biannual touch-up treatments will maintain the aesthetic results.

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Q & A on the O Shot

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot is the injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the clitoris and upper vaginal wall.  The PRP is obtained from the patient’s blood and has many regenerative properties. When injected into these tissues, it may work to improve sexual function and bladder control.  It also works well with the other energy treatments for this area, such as MLT and FormaV.

Does the O-Shot hurt?

Most people have very little discomfort with the O-Shot.  We use a numbing cream and local injection which works very well.  Typically, there is no downtime or pain after the procedure.

How long does the O-Shot last?

The O-Shot lasts up to 3 years but many people repeat it every 12-18 months.  Maximum effect is noted at 3 months but varies amongst individuals. Some patients need a second shot to recognize desired results.

How effective is the O-Shot?

The effectiveness depends on the problem.  The O-Shot is very effective in treating stress urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction with approximately 85% of those treated noticing improvements.  Other treatment modalities (MonaLisa Touch or Votiva FormaV) may increase treatment response even further.

Is PRP used to treat other vaginal issues?

Yes.  It is often used to treat lichen sclerosis, lichen planus, tissue agglutination, phimosis, atrophic bands, pain, scars and to improve cosmesis in this area.

How much does the O-Shot cost?

A single procedure costs $1000 at My Women’s Center.  The consult is included and can be done on the same day as the procedure, if desired. 

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