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When Seasons Change...So Does Your Skin!

Just as you would change your wardrobe season to season, it is important to do the same to your skincare routine!

Skin likes consistency, so when there are fluctuations in the weather it shocks our skin into trying to adapt to the new climate. Have you ever noticed a difference when winter turns to spring and when summer turns to fall? Your skin might feel tighter, less hydrated - or if you're more acne prone, your breakouts may appear more inflamed. From temperatures to humidity (yes, humidity), even in our normally dry climate, the seasonal weather has a great effect on our skin.


Although these harsher months contribute to changes in our skin from season to season, weather is not the only factor. The colder temperature outside contribute to blasting our car heaters, and taking higher temperature showers. These examples can cause our skin to dry out easier, as that extra heat can make it more difficult for our skin to maintain hydration. Some suggestions we can provide for the fall and winter months are to use heavier moisturizers, and nourishing masks. One of our favorite product recommendations for the Fall is the Lotion Yonka PS by YonKa Paris - this versatile healing product drenches your skin with solar charged energry of five aromatic essential oils for purifying, hydrating and invigorating effects. More that just a spray toner, this alcohol free product will soothe and tone your complexion, and is a must have for those with dry or sensitive skin. As mentioned above, a heavier product line that we carry in-office is also by YonKa, the Hydra1 Series. This line provides a serum, creme, and an amazing recovery masque, that you can sleep in overnight for time-released hydration...all of which do a phenomenal job at repairing the skin and drawing moisture to it!


During the Spring & Summer months, a heavy cream isn't as neccessary as it's opposite season - you can lean more towards gel cleansers & creams. Summer is also typically the season we spend the most time outdoors, meaning sunscreen is a must! Although you should be wearing sunscreen year-round, you should be extra tentative to your sunscreen wear during extensive periods of time spent outside. Suncreen is the number one factor in preventing the early signs of aging, and skin cancer prevention, as well as protect you from UVA & UVB rays! Our recommendation for sunscreen protection is a versatile line by EltaMD - this physician-grade sunscreen ranges in products from a 36 SPF chapstick, to a 50 SPF water-resistant body lotion. Our most popular item sold in-office is EltaMD's tinted facial moisturizer + sunscreen combo! This product offers a versatile tint that matches all skin tones, and is great for those of us who typically dislike the feeling of chemical sunsreens on our face, as they can sometimes be heavy or greasy. In addition to sunscreen to protect your skin from damange, we urge you to wear wide-brimmed hats, and honestly...discourage direct sun exposure, such as sun-bathing by the pool. We know it's a big request, but the maintenance of taking care of our skin during the summer months, has a huge beneficial factor that goes hand in hand with premature aging.


Although it's not related to the seasonal transitions mentioned above, another thing to consider with some changes in your skin, is where northern Nevada is located and the elevation we sit at. The most common phrase we hear is, "we sunburn more easily, because we are closer to the sun" - which yes, is somewhat true, but the potential to sunburn more easily is not directly from being "closer" to the sun. The reason is really because sunlight, and those harmful UVA & UVB rays have less atmosphere to travel thorugh - this means that our UV rays are twice as intense than those that are at sea level. Being at a higher elevation, and having a climate with dry mountain air also reduces the amount of oxygen accessible to help the skin heal from injury, and increases the chances of dehydration, and puts us more at risk to skin damage. Choosing to neglect the recommended produtcs to protect our skin, makes it harder for our skin to repair itself. It's suggested to stay properly hydrated inside and out, to moisturize right after a shower, as well as keeping a reusable water bottle nearby at all times, and of course...wear your sunscreen, in higher elevation locations.

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